The 7 Best Winch For Toyota Tacoma In 2022

If you’re spending so much money on a truck as competent as a Toyota Tacoma, you’ll want to be certain that your attachments are top-notch. Because a winch is such an important component of off-roading gear, you’ll want to be sure you get the appropriate one.

Before going into complete reviews of our top picks let me tell you, After testing of good winches on our Tacoma, We have selected WARN 103253 VR EVO as the Best Winch For Tacoma for its great compatibility and performance on Tacoma!

They’re usually your go-to tool if you’re trapped in the mud and require a stout tree or other form of force to get back on solid ground. The best winch for Toyota Tacoma will blend power, size, and price into one package, making exploration a breeze. We’ve collected a list of the best winch for 3rd Gen Tacomas so you can make your own decision!

Top 3 Winch For Tacoma

Warn 103253 VR
Warn 103253 VR
  • Long-term durability
  • Comes with a weatherproof remote
  • Contains a synthetic rope that is flexible
  • Constructed with an IP67 rating
  • 3 stage planetary gear system
  • 13,000 pound capacity
Smittybilt X2O COMP
Smittybilt X2O COMP
  • Pulling capability of 10,000 pounds
  • Hook that has been forged
  • Remote control that is simple to use

Best Winch For Tacoma: Product Reviews

Below, we will show you the top 7 winches for Tacoma that are available on the market. We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide will help you choose the best winch for tacoma.

1. WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch – Overall Best

WARN 103253

The Warn 103253 VR winch is the most dependable one in the market currently. When you’re in a jam, a winch is really only useful if it works. Nothing is worse than being caught in a horrible mud hole with a malfunctioning winch that won’t work because it’s been lying across the front of your Vehicle for months.

The Warn trademark is known throughout the world for producing reliable winches, as evidenced by numerous customer evaluations and testimonials.

The WARN ER EVO 10-S Winch with a composite rope has a 10, 000-pound capacity and is excellent for 1/2-ton big trucks, land rovers, and bigger SUVs due to its sturdy construction and line speed. The high-reliability Albright contactor is contained within the control box of this winch, which can be moved for low-profile applications. A cutting-edge, two-in-one remote with wireless network capabilities is included for increased convenience and adaptability. This winch has an IP68-rated watertight structure that keeps the weather away, as well as a strong, cast-aluminum tie-plate. During load, a strong series-wound engine and universal gear train produce quicker line speed while using less current.

 A 11.5 feet lead is also included for backups or for the people that prefer it hard wired. This winch is designed to be very user-friendly. WARN engineers created, manufactured, and evaluated these winches in the United States, and they have a restricted warranty for mechanical components and a 7-year warranty for electrical components. The VR EVO line of winches are the toughest standard-duty winches that Warn has ever manufactured, with tactical design that looks amazing up front and at a cost that won’t break your budget, thanks to their quick line-speed and low amperage draw.

  • Comes with a weatherproof remote
  • Contains a synthetic rope that is flexible
  • Long-term dependability and durability
  • Mounting plate must be purchased separately

If you are on the search for the best warn winch for Tacoma, Warn VR EVO 10-S will not be a disappointment. The powerful motor and synthetic rope material make the winch easy to set up, and even easier to make use of in difficult situations.

2. X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch – Premium Pick


The second model on this list of best winches for Toyota Tacoma recommendations is a very robust winch that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. This high-quality X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch device is for you if you enjoy going out into the wilderness and frequently get trapped in the most inconvenient spots. There aren’t many models that are as dependable as this one.

Because a decent winch is supposed to endure a lot of strain, sturdiness is a must, and this X-Bull version does not disappoint! With its own 3-Stage Rotary Gear System and automated load holding, you can indeed be confident that you’re receiving a reliable winch that can handle practically any duty. It’s also watertight, having an IP67 certification, and the lightweight cord can glide in water. It can also be used in extremely cold settings, like below -20 degrees Celsius.

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If you possess a two-door car like the Tacoma, or an SUV, it is great because it can tow up to 13,000 pounds. Its enormous capacity distinguishes it from most other winches on the marketplace. Regarding safety, no other winch compares to this strong brute from X-Bull, and you’ll appreciate the careful addition of a breaker to guarantee utmost safety. The synthetic cable has no sharp frayed wires, so you don’t have to care about getting hurt while putting it up. This X-Bull winch is powered by two 12V cells and features a 500 Amperage solenoid. This provides it more than enough power to handle even the most difficult tasks.

Its patented braided synthetic cable has a strength value of 23,809 lbs., which is unrivalled. It weighs more than 60 pounds, indicating that it is composed of high-quality materials.

  • Constructed with an IP67 rating
  • 3 stage planetary gear system
  • 13,000 pound capacity
  • The contractor is of good quality
  • Synthetic rope parts could be more robust

A massive, sealed contactor as well as an alloy hawse fairlead are included in addition to the previously mentioned characteristics. As a result, the winch’s longevity is ensured. If this product includes all of the functionality you require for your vehicle, then, simply purchase it, run it, and cherish the price it comes at! It will prove to be one of good winch for Tacoma indeed.

3. Smittybilt X2O COMP Waterproof & Synthetic – Best Budget Winch For Tacoma

Smittybilt X2O

In the off-roading business, Smittybilt is a well-known company. Smittybilt is dedicated to producing high-performance winches at affordable costs with a wide range of options.  When contrasted to other winches on the marketplace, the Smittybilt X2O COMP is less expensive; nonetheless, it is still just as strong as the most costly Tacoma winches available today. It can also tow heavy-duty cars weighing up to 10,000 pounds with absolute ease.

Aside from that, it comes with a set of essential add-ons that will make your work easier. The synthetic rope is comprised of high-quality fabric that can withstand heavy use without displaying symptoms of deterioration. If you plan to be using this winch for a lengthy time, this is a great tool to have. A welded hook present towards the rope end, may easily latch into your Tacoma’s bumper, making this model a hit.

The synthetic rope is light, compact, and sturdy, ensuring that you will not need to purchase another one for a great many years. The rope is also resistant to rust, contrary to steel cables, thanks to its coating, which further increases its durability. This winch also includes a dynamic braking mechanism, which offers adequate assistance and lowers the temperature of the drum by about 66 percent, extending the winch’s life and increasing its dependability.

This winch for Tacoma is among the best on the market, with a power of 6.6 hp. Its motor can ensure that your work is completed in a timely manner. It also includes a cordless remote control, therefore no manual operation is required. You’ll use the remote control to do your tasks without getting your hands soiled.

The X20 series features an IP68 weatherproof designation, ensuring that you may use your winch in the wet without having to worry about performance issues. Off-road fans will appreciate the fact that the winch drums used for this model emit less heat. The winch includes all of the extra parts you’ll need, like synthetic rope and steel cable, so you won’t have to go out and get them or spend a fortune.

  • Pulling capability of 10,000 pounds
  • Hook that has been forged
  • Remote control that is simple to use
  • Amphibious engine with 6 horsepower
  • Hardware is made of stainless steel
  • Cost of replacement parts is high

The X20 Comp comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that the manufacturer will be able to service it if you have any mechanical problems with it. It also assures that you won’t have to be concerned if there are any unanticipated problems. Based on your requirements, the Smittybilt X20 series allows users to install your winch in two distinct spots. With so many customizations available, this one is undoubtedly the best winch for 2020 Tacoma. 

4. Champion Power Equipment-100427 Truck Winch

Champion Power Equipment-100427

Among the many winches on the marketplace, this finest winch for Tacoma is very well manufactured and also very durable. Champion Power Equipment-100427 is a high-performance winch for Tacoma that’ll help you get your Jeep out of the mud. A 1.6 Horsepower motor powers this wireless winch system. That’s just enough torque to lift a 4500-pound car out of a hole with ease. If you already own a Toyota Tacoma, this is ideal for you.

Simply connect the hook onto your car, and it will be saved in no time. The DC motor has sufficient power to rapidly draw your ATV to security.

It has a convenient strap, a weatherproof neoprene covering, and 6-foot battery connection wires. A stainless thimble and a protecting sleeve are used in the construction of this winch. It includes an 85-ft x 11/31-inch rope with a 15,000-lbs. standard break force. It has a lightweight aluminum hawse fairlead with a black anodized surface that is carefully polished to extend rope life.

The simple handles are movable in three positions and also act as side security to safeguard your winch. The winch has a connection speed of 2.3 ft. per second with a peak charge and 15.7 ft.with no weight, thanks to its 216:1 reduction gear rate. Synthetic rope is made of high-tech polyethylene, and its high elasticity and low weight avoid kinking. It also won’t tear or curl. It also holds lower kinetic energy and does not rebound with the same force as steel, and it can be mended in the ground if it cracks.

There’s less risk of harm because it’s devoid of wire splinters and burrs. This winch mounts quickly and has a rated line draw of 12,000 lbs. With the provided mounting bracket, you can rapidly harness the power of this winch’s 6.0HP spiral wound motor on your vehicle or SUV.

Furthermore, the three-stage planetary gear, brakes, and freely spooling clutch, as well as the portable remote control and 12-ft cable, provide outstanding winching management. The snatch block that comes with the kit can be used to boost winching strength or aid with angled draws.

  • Has a waterproof engine
  • Has a two-inch transmitter
  • It’s light, so it’s easy to transport
  • Affordably priced
  • Steel rope can quickly snap
  • The user guide isn’t very clear

A convenient strap, 6-foot power lead wires, and a fitting weather-resistant neoprene covering are all included in the box. This Champion winch also comes with a 2-year warranty coverage and free lifelong technical support, so you can rest confident that whatever you buy will not go to waste and that you will be able to ride your Tacoma throughout town in the most efficient manner!

5. WARN 26502 M8000 Series Electric 12V Winch

WARN 26502

The Warn M8000 model electrical winch is a model of the classical series for middleweight vehicles like jeeps, trucks and SUVs. This rule refers to SUVs with an overall mass of less than 2500 kilograms. Outside or beyond the winch enclosure, the M8000 electrical automobile winch features a switching block as well as a connector for attaching a 3.7 m corded remote controller. Which enables you to place the device in a safe, off-road area, such as the interior of an SUV.

Rubber sealing as well as great quality gaskets at crucial connection locations within the WARN M8000 electrical winch structure can establish a barrier against water infiltration within the compartment. The winch’s chassis, which is built of sturdy light metals, allows for minimal weight. The winch’s mass does not surpass 34 kg.

The M8000 winch’s technological specifications are nearly identical to those of traditional winches. It can generate a drawing power of 3630 kilograms with a motor capacity of 4.8 liters/force. In this situation, the winch is capable of wrapping the rope over the drum at a rate of 12.8 m/min minus load.

A three-stage gearbox of planetary with a large proportion of 216: 1 ensures the work’s dependability. The winch comes with all it needs to do its job, including cable-laying rollers, a hooking, a pair of fastening bolts, and installation wires. The cable may be wound onto a drum with a size of 8 millimeters and a height of 30 meters. The total size and mass of the item makes it universally useful that fits everyone’s need.   

The Warn winch M8000 is developed for moderate mass cars that has wheel formulas of 24 as well as 44 and is utilized in times of urgent situation (paramedics, security services, cops, emergency services, or so on and so forth), discovery and upkeep of reserves in the nonappearance of roads, outdoor adventures, travelling, fishing, hunting, and motorcycle sports.

This model is ideal for those who appreciate traditional design and established functionality. It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular off-road vehicles on the marketplace. If you receive a winch type with 8000 lbs. of pulling strength, you may relax knowing that it will draw you from any situation.

  • Electrical control unit
  • Brake provide maximum control
  • Steel cable which is 30m long
  • It is not water resistant

The Warn M8000 is a one-of-a-kind model which has remained relevant for over two decades, indicating that this is unquestionably of highest level and greater quality. Warn M8000 has received no negative feedback, indicating that one can trust this in a crisis. If you’re a Jeep enthusiast who enjoys off-road excursions, a winch that is user friendly with a high functionality rating is a fantastic choice.

6. ZESUPER 9500 lbs. Electric Winch Kit

ZESUPER 9500 lbs.

The winches by zesuper are a wonderful choice to consider when you ‘re searching for a high-quality winch. In respect of sturdiness, load management, resistance to water, as well as other important qualities, Zesuper makes a few of the greatest winches in the industry.

Every adolescent fantasizes of being Superman. Zesuper 9500 lbs. offers homage to each and all cross-country lover that has had a desire since birth.

They rarely know what they’re up against, yet they tackle them with the same bravery, strength, passion, and fearlessness as Superman. Ze super will always join you on your journey into the unknown. They would like the item to be as tough as Superman as well as, as dependable as it was shown. As a result, they picked super.

Because the winch has a weight capability of 9500 pounds, it can draw anything that weighs less than that.  motor of 5.5 horsepower is used to operate this winch. The winch, such as the earlier one, arrives with respectively, a cordless and even a corded remote controller for convenient operation. A 3-stage gear planetary mechanism with a 265:1 ratio gear enables quick and efficient pulling. Furthermore, the automated load-holding brakes simplifies operation and assures optimal safety. This winch, similar to the last one, has IP67 rating. It is therefore shielded from absorption in water surface to a depth of three feet.

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During the production process, winches are regularly inspected to verify that each item fulfils the proper criteria before final distribution. The IP67 water resistant rating protects the engine from moisture and sand intruding, allowing it to make adjustments to any extreme conditions (although it is not suggested for the usage underwater). The high purity of copper engine has a powerful magnetic inductor melting temperature, elevated temperature strength, solid power, safe operation, and greater efficiency.

The winch’s remote controlling keys are much more delicate in the upgraded edition of double remote controls, which considerably reduces the issue of the remote controller not controlling the ropes in or out. The remote has a range of about 65 feet. Whenever the rope snaps, the 3/8 inches x 78 ft. is constructed of 12 small, looped rope that falls to the ground swiftly.

  • It is sand and water resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with corded and cordless remote controllers
  • Diagram for wiring is not incorporated

One cannot resist appreciating this product, as it’s budget friendly and at the same time provides all the functions that a good winch provides.  This winch is excellent for pulling weights weighing less than 9,500 pounds. The main feature is that it comes with an automatic load-holding brakes, which ensures optimal safety or control over bigger loads.

7. FIERYRED Electric 12V 3500lb Winch


This electrical winch kit has a powerful 1.9 HP engine with a fixed magnet engine warranty. If this is not the evidence of its trustworthiness, then nobody would know what really is. The electrical motor continuously supplies energy to the winch, allowing you to haul the ATV across rugged terrain with ease.

Even while hauling heavier loads, you won’t have to take stress regarding pace or rope strain. FIERYRED Electric 12V powerful winch package can readily tow automobiles weighing up to 4500 pounds. Consider how much gear you could transport with the aid of this winch. Its unrivalled talents outperform even the very latest models.

This powerful winch package has a 153:1 ratio for gear reduction. It allows you to have more control over the winch as well as the truck or generally any vehicle that you’re towing. This gadget, with exception of most others in the market, has a gear planetary train. Especially the synthetic cable, which is superior to any alternative winch, is superior. While you ‘re dragging a car, the cable is strong and robust. A double remote controller gadget has also been provided.

You may now select between manual or wireless modes. The remote controller also enables users to manage the winch from the distance of up to 25 meters. This ingenious innovation makes things a whole lot easier. The finish on this electrical winch is matte black. Furthermore, the structure is completely waterproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

  • Motor power of 9.5 HP
  • Black finish
  • Weight capability of 4500 lbs.
  • Instructions given might be confusing

This is an excellent option if you want a kit of winch which will keep you safe through each and every situation possible.

What Is The Maximum Trailer Size That a Tacoma can Tow With a Winch?

The quantity a trailer can tow is entirely dependent on the type of vehicle as well as the truck or vehicle’s options. A front-wheel-drive automobile or compact SUV should weigh roughly 1500 lbs., an all-wheel-drive mid-size SUV or utility vehicle 3000 lbs., and a full-size or ½ pickup truck 5000 lbs. or over. For the bulk of camper models, towing capacity is by far the most relevant metric, while payload is often a consideration with campers such as fifth wheels. The towing capacity of the Toyota Tacoma presently ranges from 3,500 – 6,800 pounds. This is a broad category that includes a variety of sizes, styles, and styles of campers.


What is the best winch for Tacoma?

The WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC model is the best winch for Tacoma on our list. This powerful warn winch contains a synthetic rope that is flexible, smooth, and light. It comes with a weatherproof remote that makes it simple to operate.

Best size winch for Tacoma?

Winches come in a variety of sizes. If you understand the gross vehicle weight rating, determining the appropriate winch size is simple. To get the size limit you’ll need, simply multiply the jeep’s gross vehicle weight limit by 1.5. The figure will tell you how much winch capacity or which size you’ll be needing.

What brand of winch is the best?

Warn is without a doubt the most well-known brand in the Winch industry. With over 70 years of experience, the company’s history simply demonstrates that they know what they’re on about. Arthur Warn, the company’s founder, created it in 1948. We now have two Warn models on our list, both of which are durable and sturdy winches for Toyota Tacoma.

Why Does Winches On Toyota Tacoma last long?

Toyota Tacoma’s are extremely sturdy and long-lasting for their great build material. Toyota is constantly looking for ways to improve its production process. For this reason, winch on Tacoma performs well and long lasts.

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Wrapping Up Best Winch For Tacoma

A winch is a significant investment, so it’s essential to know what you’ll be using it for whenever you start shopping. You already have a list of the top winches for Toyota Tacoma after a lengthy discussion. Before compiling our ranking, we conducted significant study and analysis and talked with various specialists. Our three top-rated items are shown below to assist you in narrowing down your search for the most dependable Tacoma winch ever.

WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch: For its synthetic rope with a tensile strength of 10,000 pounds. A high grade contactor is included within the circuit board of this winch, which can be shifted for low-profile installations. It also boasts a waterproof structure with an IP68 rating that prevents the extremes of the environment from affecting your work 

X BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch: Because of the 500-amp solenoid valve, it has greater power than conventional rope winches. If you possess a Toyota Tacoma, it is great because it can draw up to 13,000 pounds.

Smittybilt X2O COMP – Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch: Because of its ability to draw the largest vehicles without lag and because it comes with a wireless control that allows for trouble-free remote operating. This model is one of the best winches for Tacoma, with a horsepower of 6.6.

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