The 6 Best Winch For Jeep In 2022 ( JL TJ Gladiator )

Jeep Winches are the ideal off-roading gear since they help you to pull your car out of trapped terrain and remove massive impediments from the trail. If you haul a lot, you’ll want to invest in the greatest winch you can find. The market is flooded with products claiming to be the finest, making selecting one to use even more challenging. With this article, however, that is no longer the case.

You might be in hurry or wouldn’t want to read the whole article, In that case let me tell you, we have selected Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC as the Best Winch For Jeep after testing it on our personal jeeps. It has shown a great performance in difficicult situations & quality of the winch is un matched, which makes it our top notch pick!

We’ll be looking at a few of the best Jeep winch. There is also a purchase guide provided for those who are unsure. So, without any further hesitation, let’s get down to business.

Top 3 Winches For Jeep

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC
Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC
  • Waterproof
  • Mechanical guarantee for life
  • Box includes all electrical wiring
Warn M8000 winch
Warn M8000 Winch
  • Budget friendly
  • Brake designs are unrivaled
  • Cable has high linear speed
Superwinch 1511201
Superwinch 1511201
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • A spool lever is included
  • Motor case is weatherproof

Best Winch For Jeep – Product Reviews

Below, we will show you the top 6 winches for jeep that are available on the market. We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide will help you choose the best winch for jeep.

1. Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch – Overall Best

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC

Are you seeking for a reliable workhorse winch that won’t break the bank? This item on our list is the solution. The Smittybilt 9500lb winch comes with a long list of features that make it a dependable and powerful all-around recovery device. The Smittybilt 9500 winch is incredibly famous amongst off-road groups because of its power to carry you out of any circumstance with the greatest economic recovery system.

The 6.6 hp series motor in the Smittybilt 9500 winch provides the greatest quality of torque in the market. A three-stage global gearbox with a gear ratio of 161.28:1 is also included.

A remotely controlled switch and a control box are also included. The motor is more powerful and better suited to assisting in the movement of big goods. This xrc gen2 winch is built of stainless steel and has an IP67 grade for water resistance. Steel cable makes up the wire rope. When compared to prior Smittybilt winches, the waterproof motor offers increased pulling power. Regrettably, the mounting 2plate is not included, which is a requirement that must be fitted before the winch can be used. We have been using this winch in a variety of settings and it never let us down.

The Smittybilt XRC Gen2 is just the same size as the Smittybilt X 2O Gen2 with dimensions of 22.3 inches long, 5.4 inches in breadth, and 9.4 inches tall. A least of 650CCA is required for winching. Even though this winch does not have a mounting plate included, it still costs over a hundred dollars more than the prior edition. Because the maximal load capacity of the two winches differs, the price may be decided by factors such as brake kind. While the Smittybilt winch is tough, some sections are more susceptible than others, such as the mounting mechanism, which has been noted to break or cease operating while we were in action.

  • Waterproof
  • Can pull cargo weighing upto 17500lbs
  • Mechanical guarantee for life
  • Box includes all electrical wiring
  • Difficult installation process

The majority of customers of the Smittybilt XRC Winch agree that the winch has a great amount of energy for its size. It’s well-made and simple to set up and connect. In addition, the motor doesn’t really overheat frequently, and the overall performance is pleasant to work with. After around 6 to 7 pulls, many winches begin to break down. However, this one comes with a warranty and when the manufacturer is alerted inside the warranty term, a replacement item is sent out that functions just as well and lasts a lot longer.

2. WARN 26502 M8000 series Winch – Premium Pick

WARN 26502 M8000

WARN, established in Oregon, is probably the most renowned winch competitor in the industry, having invented the electric winch. WARN now offers a diverse product selection to suit all tastes and budgets. Today, we have the Warn M8000 winch, which has been dubbed the best winch for a jeep. Jeeps, tractors, and SUVs will benefit from this 8,000lbs. Winch.

It has a 4.8-horsepower engine with an 8,000-pound draw rating. It features a three-stage global gear train that is both efficient and reliable while remaining quiet.

The Warn M8000 winch is famous because it is strong enough for compact vehicles such as Toyota Tacoma’s and Jeep JKs while being reasonably priced. It’s simple to maintain and fix, and there are several replacement parts and upgrades available. This type has been a staple of Warn’s product range for decades, and many four-wheelers rely on it to get themselves unstuck. It’s a tried-and-true design that can be made even lighter by using synthetic ropes and an aluminum hawse fairlead.

Rubber seals and top notch gaskets at crucial connection locations in the WARN M8000 electrical winch construction can establish a barrier to water infiltration within the enclosure. The winch’s chassis, which is built of strong light metals, allows for low weight. The winch’s mass does not surpass 34 kg.

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The M8000 winch’s technical details are nearly identical to those of traditional winches. It has a 4.8-liter engine that can provide a thrust of 3630 kg. In this situation, the winch is capable of winding the rope onto the drum at a suitably high pace even when it is not loaded. A three-stage planetary transmission with a ratio of 216: 1 ensures the work’s dependability.

This winch comes with everything it needs to do its job, including cable-laying rollers, hooks, a couple of fixing bolts, and mounting wires. The cable can be wound onto a drum with a width of 8 mm and a length of 30 meters. The winch’s overall size and weight make it suitable for usage by anyone, which indeed makes it one of the most diverse products on our list.

  • Budget friendly
  • Brake designs are unrivaled
  • Cable has high linear speed
  • Three-stage planetary gear train ensures smooth functioning
  • No solenoid comes with this winch
  • Speed is not adjustable

This model is unquestionably one of the most popular off-road winches on the market. If you get a winch device with a huge drawing power of 8000 pounds, you may relax knowing that it will get you out of any situation. Customers that have already purchased this iconic winch claim that it accomplishes exactly what it advertises. If you want an amazing value tool to have a faultless winching encounter, the Warn 26502 M8000 is for you.

3. Superwinch 1511201 Tiger Shark 12V Winch – Budget Pick

Superwinch 1511201

When a winch manufacturer includes the very term “winch’ in its title, you know that it is here to stay. Superwinch is a business that manufactures incredible winches. The Tiger Shark 11511201 is among Super winch’s most famous winches, and it sets the standard for high-performance winching without going overboard. The Tiger Shark 1511201 distinguishes out from the competitors thanks to its powerful engines, sturdy gears, and incredible solid stainless steel elements.

Season after season, it’s simple to see why the Tiger Shark is one of Super winch’s most successful products.

You can get yourselves out of any tricky scenario after you get a Tiger Shark winch. You should just not miss this product because it has a lot of characteristics that will make you want to change your current winch.  These winches are made of high-quality materials and have a strong, heavy-duty structure that can withstand some tough pulling. You won’t be worried about the weather damaging your winch because it’s weatherproof and circuit breaker guarded.

Whether its rainfall, ice, or even pollution, everything will run smoothly and without problems. Whatever you do, the operation of this Superwinch 1511201 Winch will not be jeopardized. The solenoid has indeed been completely sealed and will not be harmed as well. The firm made certain that the winch could be used in any condition, which makes this the best jeep winch for the money.

This winch is available in two weight capacities: 9500 lbs. and 11500 lbs., which should be plenty for most individuals. The motor has a maximum output of 6.0 HP, which is similar to the previous iteration. You could have an easier experience with ideal range thanks to the hand-held 12 inch rubberized remote.

There is also a wide variety of available accessories, accompanying the winch, which include a durable winch covering and a wireless control. The wireless control is a plug-and-play device that may be soaked in water. With the Superwinch Tiger Shark winch, you’ll have the extra pulling strength you need. A Synthetic rope and an aluminum fairlead have also been employed by the company. This is all contained in the box. Synthetic rope is, without a doubt, the greatest option. It’s exceedingly tough and won’t give in despite what you throw at it. The remote’s wire is 12 feet broad, which should be enough for most individuals.

  • Strong and long-lasting
  • A spool lever is included
  • Motor case is weatherproof
  • Cable tensioner not included
  • Massive vehicles cannot be pulled effectively

It has a three-stage gear arrangement, just like the old versions. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed its free-spool management, which guarantees that you have smooth control over the material while also being really straightforward to use.

4. WARN 92815 Zeon Platinum 10-S Winch

WARN 92815

Warn is a well-known name in the recovery industry in terms of winches. The current Platinum range of Zeon winches from the brand was created with the wheeling lover in consideration. The Platinum series has a 20% quicker line speed, exceptional IP68 waterproofing, and a large motor pack when contrasted to the basic Warn 92815 Zeon line winch.

The 10,000-lbs.-rated winch comes with Spydura synthetic rope in conjunction to an Enhanced Wireless Remote. What the winch lacks is just as intriguing as what this does have. The clutch upon the winch is totally operated by a portable remote, unlike the conventional Zeon. No more scraping about under the hood in the mud looking for a clutch gear!

This device has been carefully engineered by Warn to handle practically any over landing scenario. Everything from the engine, gear system, design, and finishing to the brake system has been enhanced. They even focused on the sounds of this latest generation winch in order to improve it even further. The winch’s net dimensions are 24.25′inches x 7.15inches x 10.52 inches. You should be aware, though, that it can be placed in a low-profile arrangement.

A 12-foot extension cord is included with the portable remote control. An aluminum hawse fairlead, three safe rack and pinion systems with a ratio of 162:1, an automatic braking system, and other features are included in these devices.

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The mounting bolt arrangement on this is 10.0′′ x 4.5′′. Furthermore, the powder coat treatment on all of the components of this winch ensures that it will last even in the harshest of environments and off-road misuse.

Warranties and durability are two areas where the Warn shines. The entire time, our Warn winch has indeed been mounted on front of our main Jeep. Although the plastic components have faded, the general body, accoutrements, and cosmetics are as fine as they were when we originally installed it. That’s with minimal upkeep, no special coverings, as well as plenty of mud on the trail.

With no weight, this winch has an automated steel sleeve in the disc braking system and a line speed of around 44 feet per minute. The cordless remote control, however, is the winch’s greatest feature. To be honest, this is a brand-new and one-of-a-kind remote control device. The remote control contains an LCD screen that displays information such as clutch condition, winch motor heat, light status, automobile battery level, and extra accessory status, among other things.

  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • It is waterproof to IP68 standards
  • Operation heavy-duty and silent
  • Build quality that is tough
  • Line speed is high
  • Costly

The Warn Platinum-series 10-S is without a doubt a key differentiator in the field of winches. We’ve put it through its paces and can vouch to its speed. The remote was the most difficult thing for us to learn. It works well, but it needs some human experimentation and forethought. There were instances when we thought the old-style palm toggle and mechanical clutch disconnect would have been quicker, but that could be owing to our sluggish learning of the latest tech.

5. X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch


Are you seeking for a strong winch that is also affordable? Then perhaps this 12V X Bull winch having a weight capacity of 13000 lb. would be a good choice. It may be ideal as a tractor winch due to its substantial weight capacity. This 12V X-Bull is a winch with a lot of options. It features both in and out power controllers for positive load management, for example. With it, you’ll receive two remote controllers.

One is a completely cordless remote, the other one is a corded remote controlled by hand. You can handle the winch with just one hand if you use them. In regard to the winch cable, X-Bull had developed two distinct variants of this winch.

This winch consists of an 80-foot synthetic rope includes the thickness of 3.8 inches in the12V X Bull synthetic rope variant. Furthermore, the synthetic rope is available in two colors: orange and black. The steel cable variant, on the other hand, has an 85-foot cable. The synthetic rope variant of the winch also has hawse for fair leading made out of aluminum. The steel cable version, on the other hand, has a roller of 4 way fairlead.

A three-stage planetary gearing mechanism, a heavy-duty 500 Amp closed circuit, and a strong engine are all included in the X-Bull winch. This enables them to operate at a quicker line speed and with more consistency. The winches are water resistant to IP67 standards. These winches may be used in any type of dangerous environment since they are resistant to corrosion. The steel rope variant weights 79.8 in lbs., while the synthetic rope variant measures 57.9 in lbs. The 10 x 4.5 inches installation bolt design is suitable with each of them.

The majority of previous customers have praised the winch, claiming it to be one of the greatest winches ever made. This X Bull 12 volt is notorious for pulling like a warrior. Elastic all around borders is sewn in so that it remains sturdy and also for the purpose of a solid, tight fit. The winch’s construction was also of high quality. As a result, you may anticipate it to provide long-term service and sturdiness. Users have particularly loved the fact that X-Bull offers two different types of cable of a winch. This is the greatest winch for the Jeep-sized pickups. 

  • There are two styles (steel & synthetic cable)
  • 1 year of warranty period
  • Lifetime maintenance service
  • Resistant to water (rating IP67)
  • Installation equipment are included for free
  • User guide might be confusing

According to former clients, the X-Bull winches provide an excellent price-to-performance and quality ratio. X-Bull 12V winches is definitely a wonderful alternative if you’re on a limited budget and need a high-end winch this is the option for you its works efficiently and at the same time you don’t have to spend a lot of money, it fits right into the budget.

6. Rough Country 9,500 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

Rough Country 9,500 LB

Rough Country 9500 lb isn’t the most well-known brand in the market, you can, however, depend on their products. This winch, in fact, has several outstanding characteristics that have earned it a spot in our list of the best winch for a jeep. 

The weight capability of this electrical winch is 9,500 lbs. With this, you’ll get an 85-foot synthetic rope. It is powered by a 5.5 horsepower series wound motor. As a result, you’ll get more torque without having to worry about overheating. A connected remote control will also be provided.

For added safety, the winch has a ‘Auto-in-Drum’ brake and a 3-stage rack and pinion system. It also features a 265:1 gearbox. A clevis hook, hawse fairlead, remote control, and other necessary winch components are included in the package for easy installation on your over landing setup.

Rough Country’s robust new design is unaffected by water, mud, dust, or sand. Rough Country’s PRO Winch Devices are built to withstand the elements with an IP67 weather and dustproof designation, ensuring reliable rescue on every occasion to really get you back to safety.

  • Waterproof rating of IP67
  • One-year electrical guarantee
  • Two-year mechanical guarantee
  • Low-cost but high-impact
  • Remote is not wireless

Most existing owners of this winch agree that it is a superb product for the cost. They claimed that it is really simple to install because everything is included with the winch. Also remarkable is the build quality. If the total weight of this winch is sufficient for you, you should consider it.

What are some Advantages of having a Jeep Winch?

Heavy things must be dragged. A winch is extremely handy if you do lots of the off roading. They have a natural ability to pull large items with ease. This can assist in unloading or loading of vehicles onto a carriage, as well as lifting it from mud, dirt, or water. A winch can help you get your Jeep out of almost any condition.

Although whatever alternative off-road vehicle might be used to release a blocked or trapped car, utilizing a winch is more convenient. They increase your pulling force, leverage, and torque helping you to liberate yourself from whatever you’re trying to just get free of.

The flexibility to change place is among the most intriguing characteristics of a jeep winch. Many people do not need to be tethered to their vehicles in order to work. You may place the winch near to the cable whenever you want to connect it to something else. You’d have to acquire other vehicle and tie a rope to it if you didn’t have a winch to remove whatever was stuck.

best winch for jeep

The use of a cable or a towline to connect two vehicles might cause damage to both. Whereas numerous vehicles have points where a line may be properly attached, some do not. When a line is inappropriately connected to a vehicle and then used to pull anything, it can do major damage. When you use a winch, you lessen the risk of damaging your own vehicle or that of others.

 The most of high branded jeep winches include remote systems which enable users to adjust the rope either loosen or tighten it while not having to do it with hand manually. This function comes in helpful when the Jeep becomes bogged in the sand or water, but users do not like to go here or there, in and out replacing the ropes.

Using a finest jeep winch instead of regular towing gear is a better approach to get your car or any other vehicle out of difficulties. To ensure security, the greatest jeep winches feature circuit breaker protections and an automated load mechanism, as well as remote controllers which enable users to use it from a secure distance.

Buying Guide For The Best Winch for Jeep

If all of the reviews above have left you perplexed, don’t worry; we’ve put together a shopping guide to assist you in choosing the best winch for your Jeep. Every item offered is of the highest quality, but they are not all designed for the same degree of carrying, despite the fact that the goal is the same. Continue reading to learn about the important elements that can lead you to the ideal off-road companion.

Stronger Winch

Regardless of how high a winch’s grade is, if it can’t pull the vehicle out from a jam, it’s a loss of time and money. It doesn’t take a brain to know that if the vehicle is heavier, the more powerful the winch will be required. Nevertheless, the issue remain6s as to how considerably more credible it is. The solution is simple and obvious.  Consider the gross vehicle weight GVW and then to that weight add 30% to that to determine how powerful your winch ought to be. So, if the GVW would be of 6700 pounds, the winch having a maximum load with less than 8000 pounds would be useless. Anything greater than 8000 pounds would suffice.

Determine the type of the rope

There are several alternatives and versions to pick from, exactly like these version and types are present in any other product in the market. In the instance of winches, synthetic or steel ropes could be used. What’s the primary distinction among the two? Let’s take a deeper look at this:

Steel cables — not long time ago, they were the only options for winch lines. They’re quite robust and long-lasting. However, they have a huge drawback: they are quite heavy. Furthermore, if users spool a line such that the incorrect direction, it may easily destroy. Synthetic ropes are a comparatively recent product in the market, yet many consumers are completely enamored with them. When contrasted with steel winch ropes, they are far more lightweight and more robust. Furthermore, a synthetic rope may readily be substituted for a steel rope.

Determine the size

There is a common misunderstanding that the larger the line, the greater or better it is If someone is new in the winch sector, they may not be aware of the basic truth that the very initial wrap of a winch drum is known to be the strongest, and also that this drum becomes increasingly difficult to turn with each subsequent wrap.

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Whenever the line is overly lengthy, it might break both winch and the winch line. Many people also overlook the notion that line thickness is important. The line must be thicker as it becomes stronger. However, as the line thickens, it takes up greater capacity on the winch, leading to the logical assumption that thick liner must be short, or the winch will not be able to handle it.

Protection of the winch

The idea that even a winch is meant to keep you safe may induce one to believe that the equipment alone does not require any safety. The reality is that regardless of whether a winch is resistant to water to corrosion, it must be properly preserved. If somehow the jeep winch covering isn’t included in the winch package, you’ll have to buy it extra to preserve the winch and extend its life.


Because not all off-road drivers can afford to invest a lot of money on a winch, the finest and affordable winch always is available. Although such winches may be a slightly less powerful or robust, they are nonetheless intended to perform their fundamental purposes. Under $900, you may have a somewhat sturdy and high-quality winch ranger. Something which costs more than the price indicated above is a high-quality winch that will last you for a long period of time.


You can’t possibly draw a large jeep alone without the help of a strong engine. In most cases, a winch motor delivers the necessary power for the winch to complete the task. As a consequence, if you’ve possessed a winch with a lesser motor, you won’t be able to achieve the best results!

System for Mounting

The majority of winches are firmly placed inside the vehicle’s frontal bumper. As a result, you may utilize the winch whenever you desire and don’t have to stress about lugging it around individually. Nevertheless, there are a several distinct versions that could be readily installed and unmounted. However, most renowned and significant winches feature with such a permanent installing technique that is difficult to remove.

best winch for jeep

Types of Popular Jeep Winches

Isn’t it fun to go around in a vehicle on off-road hikes? Nevertheless, if you continue to do so for a long time, you will eventually be trapped in a trench, dirt, water, snow, or who fully understands what else. There’s no reason to put a halt to the enjoyment; thus, one should have a high-quality type of winch because you never know what the situation might be. 


Hydraulic winches are not powered by electricity, but rather by the hydraulic liquid or more precisely fluid. To look at it with different perspective, hydraulic winches cannot operate unless they are linked to the powered steering wheel pumps Hydraulic winches have the advantage of being able to run continuously throughout the day it neither gets over heated nor does it malfunction. 

Regardless, the engine should be active in order for the hydraulic winches to function. Hydraulic winches are generally much harder to come by than electric winches. If users attach a hydraulic winch with such power steering mechanism on the Jeep, this then functions. This increases its pulling force and increases its lifespan. This does, however, increase the cost of this sort of winch.


The electric winch, like the name implies, is powered by electricity from the vehicle’s battery. As a result, the power supply has a significant impact on the operation of electric winches. Electric winches, on the other hand, may be linked to the batteries and operate even though the engine is turned off. The far more popular of both the types is the electric winch. They are charged by the batteries in the vehicle. This provides them a restricted level of electricity and depletes the battery of the car whilst it is in operation.

They are, nonetheless, easier to operate because they would not require the Jeep to also be operating to work. Electric winches typically use either permanent magnet (PM) or series wound (SW) drives.  The Series wound engines employ fields’ coils, whereas permanent magnet engines or motors use copper coils or powerful magnetism.  The former is much stronger and more dependable than the latter when comparing permanent magnet motors as well as the series wound.


What is the best winch for a jeep?

The Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch comes on top of our list as the best winch for a jeep. It has a plethora of features, a powerful motor as well as a remotely controlled switch, which makes it a top rated product.

What size winch do I need for my jeep?

There is a general principle amongst off-road aficionados when it comes to winch size. You should purchase a winch with a pulling capability of 1.5 times your vehicle’s maximum weight. A gross vehicle weight classification is assigned to each automobile. This is the vehicle’s approximate weight if loaded according to the manufacturer’s predictions.

How does a jeep winch work?

Mount the jeep winch to the bumper of your automobile with the rope and its motor. Connect the remote using the plug hookup and you are ready to pull!

Wrapping Up Best Winch For Jeep

Off-roading may be hazardous and unpredictable. Jeep drivers are the people most likely to be stuck in a rut with their wheels buried in the mud. That is why a functional winch is an essential tool for practically everyone. Whether you’re searching for the best winch for jeep jl or the best winch for jeep tj, you’ll find them all here. Simply look at the reviews and explore the Buyer’s Guide to discover that one ideal winch which is still lacking from your garage!

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve provided our top three alternatives.

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch: For its large weight capability of approximately 12,000 pounds. It also comes with a 6.6 HP waterproof engine that can be used in every season.

WARN 26502 M8000 series Winch: It has a low-profile appearance. Furthermore, with a discrete control box, you will have a variety of mounting possibilities. Regarding power and performance, this model from WARN features a 4.8 HP motor that can handle a lot of weight.

Superwinch 1511201 Tiger Shark 12V Winch: This device comes with a working handheld wired control for operating the winch from a comfortable distance. The winch also has a 24.4-meter synthetic rope for efficient pulling.

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