7 Best Antifreeze For Diesel Engines – Coolants 2022

Engine coolant is necessary for maintaining your engine in good working order and extending the life of its parts. When the outside temperatures fall below zero, engine coolants incorporate antifreeze to keep them from freezing. Corrosion inhibitors and surfactants are also included in antifreeze.

Before going into detailed review let me tell you, after using these coolants, I have selected Zerex ZXG051 G05 as the Best Antifreeze For Diesel Engines. The results of this coolant are very much effective due to its Hybrid Organic Acid Technology, making it our top choice!

Many coolants include organic versions of these chemicals, as well as a mix of inorganic and organic compounds.  Antifreeze liquid is often a group of chemicals derived from water and glycol that operate as solvents and anti-corrosion ingredients to keep the radiator in good working order.

best antifreeze for diesel engines

Car owners must be extremely cautious when purchasing the best antifreeze for diesel engines. After all, it is this fluid that prevents the car’s engine from reaching the maximum temperature. You can buy coolant products on the market, but only one or two would truly fit your vehicle.

Diesel engine coolant shopping can be a time-consuming procedure, so we’ll break it down for you in this article. We’ll show you some of the top coolants on the market right now, as well as provide straightforward answers to frequent inquiries about an engine coolant.

What kind of Antifreeze Is The Best For a Diesel Engine?

Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT), Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT), and Organic Acid Technology (OAT), are the 3 kinds of coolants available on the market currently. IAT coolants are green in color and include an antifreeze system based on ethylene glycol. Organic additives will be used in OAT and HOAT coolants to avoid scaling, oxidation, and rust.

Because organic compounds do not destroy rubber as quickly as green IAT coolant, using a solution with natural materials will extend the life of your coolant program’s rubber hoses. If your car was built before 2002, it’s possible that the old green IAT-based coolant is still in use. If it’s a recent vehicle, the coolant is most likely to be OAT or HOAT. The type of coolant to use is usually specified in the user guide for your vehicle. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions, particularly if the car is newer.

Our Top Picks

Zerex ZXG051 G05
Zerex ZXG051 G05
  • Low ph levels
  • Does not harm plastics
  • Inexpensive
Recochem OEM 86-174POEM
Recochem OEM 86-174POEM
  • OAT-certified coolant
  • No Compromise On Quality
  • Effective Results
Mopar 10 Year/150,000
Mopar 10 Year/150,000
  • Cost effective
  • Lasts for a longer period
  • Good For latest engines

Antifreeze For Diesel Engines

1. Zerex ZXG051 G05 antifreeze – Overall Best

diesel antifreeze

Zerex came up with a top-notch quality antifreeze for diesel engine that is formulated with Hybrid Organic Acid Technology chemistry (HOAT) which can easily combine with conventional and organic acid-based chemistry to be able to perform its work effectively.

This Zerex Valvoline coolant can be used in a variety of vehicles, including passenger cars, lorries, and large trucks. The approach works for both diesel and gasoline. For a mere gallon, it costs around $20. This is a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to buying gallons of OEM coolant, which may cost a lot of money.

There are different types of virgin ethylene glycol in the market, and they differ in quality. Zerex is known and recommended to use the best quality ethylene glycol to formulate this antifreeze. When I used it in my car for the first time, I was travelling to hilly areas with lots of snow and It really gave a great result out of it.

To save metals like Aluminum from corrosion, a European technology Is used in the product. It has qualities like reduced pH, Phosphate-free, and lower silicate levels. Not only Aluminum, but it also is one of the best antifreezes for all cooling system metals and prevents them from corrosion.

The coolant keeps the engine running at temperatures ranging as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit and as warm as 250 degrees F. It’s green in hue and matches engines that run on green or yellow typical coolants. It’s also the finest match for older vehicles with metal components.

Moreover, it has a nitrate-based additive that is designed in such a manner that it protects the cylinder liners of your diesel engine from all types of corrosion and rust thus, protecting it and giving it a longer life.  The cylinder line of engines tends to have hard water deposits and scale formation so, to cater to this problem that arises in diesel engines, Zerex has other control additives that will protect your engine so that it lasts for decades to come.

  • Inexpensive
  • Low ph levels
  • Does not harm plastics
  • Contains ethylene which is harmful for the climate

HOAT coolants are known to be very pricy in the market, but Zerex facilitates different pocket sizes of customers by introducing this product at a very low price with all the qualities that are found in other expensive HOAT coolants.

2. Recochem OEM 86-174POEM Pink Premium Antifreeze

Recochem OEM 86-174POEM

Recochem is an antifreeze diesel engine that works for many cars and models. It is especially designed for models like Toyota, Lexus, and Scion but can also work well for non-Toyota vehicles. It all depends on what a particular vehicle’s cooling requirements are.

If the cooling requirements of a model of car is according to that of Toyota, Lexus, or Scion then Recochem is a perfect purchase for you as you can use it for many years.  Recochem is an OAT-certified coolant that is supposed to last you for as long as 5 years or 150,000 miles. This means that the entire money you are investing in this coolant will be utilized to its full capacity.

The coolant is sold as 1 gallon concentrate format, but you can easily get 2 gallons or more of coolants out of it which maximizes the efficiency. This also means that it will last you for a longer period. Once you get Recochem antifreeze for diesel engine you will not have to worry about getting another one for a few years.

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Recochem is not cheap as some other coolants you can find out there in the market, but it is still very much affordable as compared to other coolants that work efficiently with Toyota, Lexus, or Scion.

  • OAT-certified coolant with organic additives
  • No Compromise On Quality
  • Effective Results
  • Works only on some models

The reason why Recochem’s antifreeze is considered kind of affordable is because OAT certified antifreezes are usually expensive and do not last long. But this product lasts longer and works for non-Toyota models as well thus, it will prove to be a smart choice of purchase for you as a customer and motor enthusiast.

3. Mopar 10 Year/150,000 Mile – Best Coolant For Diesel Engine

Mopar 10 Year/150,000 Mile Coolant

Mopar is an antifreeze consisting of Organic Acid Technology (OAT). The Mopar solution is made up of mono ethylene glycol. Usually, rust and corrosion are caused due to phosphates and silicates. This coolant is free from phosphates and silicates therefore, it will prevent your diesel engine from all sorts of corrosion and rust.

The reason why Mopar has OAT formula is because it has multiple corrosion inhibitors that extend the lifetime of this coolant way beyond than a typical coolant lasts for. In this way, your money is being utilized and you will not have to spend on another coolant for at least a few years to come.

Since it is easy to pre-dilute Mopar antifreeze for diesel engine, you do not have to think about bringing hard water or iron deposits in the cooling system of your car. Mopar is an antifreeze that has all the qualities required in a coolant.

The lifespan of this coolant for diesel engines is for 5 years or 150,000 miles after which vendors suggest that it should be flushed out even though it has anti-corrosion additives which are known to be present for multiple usage, but metal parts tend to get worn out. It is therefore important to flush out the engine after 5 years.

  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for models with latest engines
  • Lasts for a longer period
  • Not appropriate for older vehicles
  • Flushing is required before using it

The freezing and boiling point of Mopar coolant is enough for you to get the job done under normal driving conditions. It is recommended for you to not use Mopar’s antifreeze in older cars unless stated otherwise in the manual provided by the owner.  All in all, If you require an OEM antifreeze coolant for diesel engines, then Mopar’s antifreeze is the best choice for you as it does it job well within a reasonable price range.

4. EVANS cooling system – Antifreeze For Diesel Trucks

EVANS cooling system

This is the finest antifreeze for diesel trucks and engines, including ancient V8s, current four-cylinder motors, heavy-duty diesels, and much more. It would also need to be changed less frequently than a standard coolant, saving you money in the long term.

Water in the engine is one of the main causes that causes corrosion and rusting in engines therefore, EVANS antifreeze came up with a water free version of the coolant due to which it has a high performance and considered one of the best coolants out there in the market when compared to other models and brands.

By removing water from the coolant, it is known that the engine of the vehicles will be more resistant to corrosion thus, giving a longer life to engine and saving the money you would spend on it otherwise. EVAN’s antifreeze is made up of propylene glycol which is a non-reactive additive in the antifreeze composition and does not cause any problems with electrolysis or cavitation erosion.

Multiple cars have a problem of overheating, and such cars need an antifreeze that works for them in an efficient way without causing any more troubles. Since, EVANS cooling system does not cause hot spots or motor knocks it is perfectly suitable for cars that have an issue of overheating.

  • Prevents corrosion effectively and efficiently
  • Vaporization problems do not occur
  • Relatively costly than other coolants

Overall, the EVANS EC53001 antifreeze is a chemically inert mixture that is ideal for car owners who experience overheating. There is no need for water, hence there will be no corrosion issues. Although it may be more expensive than our other suggestions, the investment is well worth the additional rewards.

5. ACDelco Extended Life Coolant Antifreeze for diesel engine

ACDelco Extended Life Coolant Antifreeze

This ACDelco Extended Life coolant is a product of the ACDelco company. It is meant to last for 5 years or 150,000 miles thus, a one-time purchase can go on for a longer time.

An engine has several components that need to be protected. ACDelco makes sure that it protects brass, cast iron, steel, solder, and copper components.

Due to its ability to protect these components, it also prevents corrosion and rusting of the engine.

Most of the corrosion and scaling in the engines is caused due to phosphate and silicate therefore, the orange-colored coolant of ACDelco is a premium grade product that has components in the solution which are phosphate and silicate free. These components assist in preventing the breakdown of metal components that encounter the antifreeze.

To optimize the efficiency of hybrid vehicles that have recently launched, ACDelco has Carboxylate technology so that the concentration of the coolant has all the properties that are needed for that purpose.  There are some vehicles which are not originally designed to use Dex-tool so, it is suggested that the coolant should be replaced every 2 years or 30,000 miles if it is being used in such vehicles.

In vehicles that use Dex-tool, ACDelco can be utilized for 5 years or 150,000 miles. Not only that, the ACDelco has a shelf life for around 8 years.  All the vehicles that require a Dex-cool coolant can use ACDelco’s antifreeze as it will work efficiently in their vehicles without causing any troubles.

  • Longer shelf life of 8 years
  • Ready to use
  • One of the best for hybrid vehicles
  • Limited use as it can not be sued without Dex-Cool
  • Slightly expensive

The formula comes in an undiluted formula which means that it is easy for customers to customize the concentrations of water. The ability to be able to customize the concentration of water to antifreeze is important as it will be easy for you to adjust it according to the optimum performance in a range of environments and this is one of the major reasons for making this diesel antifreeze well worthy.

6. MaxLife Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Concentrate Antifreeze

MaxLife Valvoline

MaxLife by Valvoline is one of the few coolants that are compatible with a wide range of vehicles. This implies that no matter how old or new your vehicle is, the MaxLife antifreeze will be suitable and continue working for a longer time.

MazLife Valvoline is also compatible with other coolants available out there in the market. This makes it easy because in case you need a coolant urgently you do not have to find different coolants for different models as this one antifreeze can come handy anytime for any configuration of an engine.

A claim that Valvoline makes about its product MaxLife is that it can last for up to 5 years thus, all the money that you invest in this one product will be well utilized and you will not have to spend money and invest in any coolant for at least 5 years or more, depending on how you utilize it.

After 5 years of usage of a coolant it is usually recommended that it should be discarded or flushed out as the additives in the coolant are not as active as they are in the earlier years and will not work up to your expectations later in the years.  Furthermore, MaxLife coolant can either last for 5 years or 150,000 miles. If either of the mark is reached, then it is recommended for you to make another purchase and get a new antifreeze for diesel engine.

  • Compatible with almost all models of vehicles
  • Lasts for a longer time
  • Prevents any sort of coolant leaks
  • Slightly expensive
  • Mixing with distilled water is required

Moreover, the formula of MaxLife antifreeze is concentrated so, it is designed in such a way that it must be mixed with distilled water according to your liking. Once your desired frequency is reached then you can use the antifreeze.

7. FleetGuard CC2825 ES Compleat antifreeze

FleetGuard CC2825 ES

A North American manufacturing company known as Fleetguard came up with their product of antifreeze that is supposed to go with different types of engines. The types of engines this antifreeze is compatible with are heavy duty diesel, gasoline, and natural gas engines.

Moreover, FleetGuard ES Compleat is an extended life coolant that is fully formatted and protects multiple components of your engine such as cast iron, brass, aluminum, and copper. Not only that, but this antifreeze is also known to provide protection against line pitting and solid corrosion.

FleetGuard CC2825 ES Compleat has the characteristics of dual borate. The main reason why engines get corroded or rusted are because of the presence of Phosphate, Nitrate, and silicate in the solution of coolants. Therefore, the house of FleetGuard brought a solution of antifreeze that has a formula free of Phosphates and Nitrates. It also possesses low silicate in their solution.

It is recommended by experts that the engine should be tested after it goes beyond the usage of 250,000 km or 4000 hours of using this coolant. This is done as a preventive measure to protect your engine from wearing out.

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You can either get the engine checked after 250,000 km or 4000 hours of using the coolant or you can get it checked every year. Getting it checked earlier helps in trouble shooting as any problem in the coolant or engine will be detected earlier.  The general life time of one gallon container of FleetGuard Compleat antifreeze is 1,000,000 miles.

Moreover, it is made up of Ethylene Glycol of very high quality that gives it a longer life. It not only gives a longer life but also improves the cooling system’s performance along with the water pump life.

  • Can easily get mixed with clean tap water
  • Maximize protection against corrosion
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Has little amount of silicate in the solution

To make it usable as it is in a concentrated form you will be required to mix with clean tap water. You can add as much water as you want according to your liking to make it viable.

Buying Guide For The Best Antifreeze For Diesel Engines

You must use the proper antifreeze from the best vendors to protect your car from any harm. There will be numerous factors to consider when determining which coolant is appropriate for your engine, including formulation, color, and resistance to corrosion. These shopping guidelines will also assist you in a budgeted purchase if you discover the best coolant for diesel engines.

Freezing and Boiling Points

The two points indicate the degrees at which the coolant could be utilized.  The coolant’s boiling and freezing points are an indicator of how adaptable it is for your engine. 


In the first instance, the coolant must be compatible with the car’s engine. The previous coolant in the engine should be the same color as the new liquid you buy. Assess the suitability of the coolant to see if it has been certified by the engine supplier. The list of appropriate coolants for your engine is generally provided by the manufacturer.

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Type of Coolant

There are various types of engine coolants, and your engine handbook will usually include the ones that are suggested. They are distinguished from one another by their color and names.

The most common kinds include green-colored IAT (Inorganic Additive Technology), HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology), orange-colored OAT (Organic Acid Technology), Phosphate-free HOAT, Silicate HOAT and many others. All you must do is be mindful not to combine the colors and classes.

Anti-Corrosion Features

One of the key cautions when utilizing coolant is the possibility of rust on brass or aluminum engine components. To tackle this problem, the coolant you buy must obviously have anti-corrosion properties. Because of the temperature and climate, corrosion inhibitors are designed differently in various places. Silicates are rarely used as an anti-corrosive ingredient in Asian antifreeze.

However, as anti-corrosive agents, coolants for European automobile engines must have a blend of silicate and carboxylate, while avoiding phosphate. When you go out and buy the best engine coolant, make sure you take care of these things.


Some of the coolants on the market must be diluted with water, while others are already combined. They can be immediately injected into your engine without the need for any additives. The kind of coolant required for your engine is usually recommended in the user’s manual.

What Qualities Does An Effective Antifreeze Possess?

If you discover the following characteristics in antifreeze, you can be confident in its usefulness as a user:

  • Heat transfer has been improved.
  • Corrosion inhibitor chemicals are present.
  • Metals such as copper and aluminum are protected.
  • Scale and rust development are controlled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best antifreeze for diesel engines?

According to our listing, the Zerex ZXG051 G05 antifreeze solution is among the finest products for your engine. It operates in both gasoline and diesel engines, although it contains specific compounds that are especially beneficial to diesel engines. The ZEREX G-05 includes a nitrite-based additive that protects the cylinder walls of your diesel engine from cavitation degradation, which is a typical type of abrasion in diesel engines. 

How to test antifreeze for diesel fuel?

Coolant testers are inexpensive and simple to use, and they tell you whether the coolant in your engine is adequately protected. They usually entail removing the pressure cap and sucking a small amount of liquid from the system into the tester. Whether you need to introduce coolant or not, is indicated by small balls or a float in the testing.

Wrapping Up Antifreeze For Diesel Engines

Technically, any type of coolant will work within an engine because it does not affect the metal coils within. If you browse through all the accessible coolant products on the market, you’ll find an endless number of attributes such as colors, additives, popular brands, and boil-over levels.

 As a result, selecting the best coolant for diesel engines might be difficult. Even though all the models on our list are highly effective and dependable, we have listed our top three suggestions for your convenience and to avoid any confusion.

  • Zerex ZXG051 G05 antifreeze – It contains a high ethylene glycol level for antifreeze and coolant protection, as well as a minimal silicate percentage, to prevent oxidation and corrosion from your engine’s key components. The mixture is pre-mixed with demineralized water to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the car’s coolers. 
  •  Recochem OEM 86-174POEM Pink Premium Antifreeze – Because of its compatibility with Toyota, Lexus, and Scion automobiles, it can also be used in non-Toyota motors, based on the cooling parameters of the vehicle. This organic OAT-certified coolant should last 5 years or 150,000 miles. It is both cost-effective and extremely dependable.
  • Mopar 10 Year/150,000 Mile CoolantIt is quite cost-effective and acceptable for any car. The coolant offers anti-boil and cold security at -34- and 265-degrees Fahrenheit. Premixed at a 50/50 proportion, this refrigerant is ready to use and there is no need to include water. This is the appropriate coolant for any car that uses OAT MS12106 antifreeze and can last for decades.

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